Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cat Naps and a SALE!!!

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I am so in love with this happy face!  This is my sweet 3 month old daughter Isla (and for those who are wondering, it's pronounced "eye-luh" :). And she is an EXCELLENT cat napper....ya... It goes something like this: 'Holy cow, she's asleep!  I ever so gently lay her down, then dash through the house like a ninja trying to get things done. But 8 minutes later -  she's awake again.  Then we go through the whole routine again: diaper, eat, play, yada, yada, and she's asleep again! If I'm lucky, she's asleep for 20 minutes.  Thankfully she doesn't sleep like that at night, but I haven't gotten a whole lot done lately(I only do computer stuff when she's sleeping). I have oodles of ideas and Tpt units I can't wait to finish.  I'm getting to write this post because I woke up when my husband left for work and she's still sleeping - fingers are crossed I can finish this before she wakes up for the day! {Update: Nope, it didn't get done. So, I'm finishing up today!}

This week I will be having a Teacher Appreciation Sale in both my stores!  I am having a 20% off sale on everything in my stores, plus you'll get an extra 10% off when you enter the promo codes at checkout.  Don't forget to leave feedback and earn Tpt credits towards your purchases.  Here are a few of my items you may be needing this time of year, click on the pics for more information!

TPT Teacher Appreciation Sale!  Mat 7-8, 2013  Up to 28% off with code TAD13
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