Saturday, August 25, 2012

"The After" ~ A Work in Progress

 I was just thinking wow this first week went by so fast, then I realized it's been 2 weeks!!! I must not be entirely awake this morning... So in my last post I said I would post my "after" pictures of my classroom. Here are a few:
Ok, I know this looks totally boring. I was running out of time and just had everything in order for the first day.  My room looks MUCH better now....if only I had remembered to take pictures of the update!!! (I will this week.) I also have some Pinterest projects I'm anxious to do to spice things up!
I like to work ahead.  We have one copy machine for the entire school :( so you never know if it will be available or if it's working.  We do have a copy aid who makes us copies and I like to have any copies I need well in advance.  I use these trays to organize any language arts copies I make.  (We use Houghton Mifflin and each theme has 3 weeks.)  I find that HM doesn't provide enough rigor so I use supplementary materials to fill in the gaps.  I got these trays at the Target dollar section.
This is how I organize my copies/papers I plan to use for the week.  The one on the left is for math(we use Scott Foresman) and the one on the right is for language arts. I like this system in case I get unexpectedly sick - it's happened!  I always try to leave everything ready for the next day before I leave school. 

I hope everyone has had a great start to their school year.  I have a really sweet group this year and I'm so excited for all the things they are going to learn!


  1. I am trying to organize myself as well. It is always nice to have trays in sight for easy use ... especially that unexpected absence.
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  2. love your page its so cute your newest follower drop by =)

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