Sunday, May 26, 2013

Teachers Care for Oklahoma

As you've probably read in the newsletter this morning, a group of Tpt Teacher Authors (myself included) have donated an item from their stores to the "Teachers Care for Oklahoma" Fundraiser.  There are four bundles of learning resources available for purchase - two K-2 bundles and two 3-5 bundles.  For only a $25 donation you will receive some amazing resources!  100% of the proceeds for this fundraising event is being collected by TPT, and will be distributed by check to the appropriate Moore Oklahoma School District Representative earmarked to specifically aid the teachers as they begin the process of rebuilding.  How awesome is that?!  These bundles are only available for a limited time - until Monday June 3, 2013. Click on the links below to check out these great items!

K-2 Bundle #2**My Long A ~ Activity Pack is in this bundle

This is the unit I donated to this fundraiser.  Click on the picture to take a closer look!

A special thanks to Crayon Box Learning for putting it all together!!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

End of Year Autograph FREEBIE

Here is a fun and EASY activity and keepsake I wanted to share with you.  A dear teacher friend introduced me to this activity years ago.  The kids love it!  Here's how it goes:
1. Have a 3x5 class photo you've taken during the year printed for each student.  I go to Walmart and it's only a few dollars.
2. Print a class set of this freebie and give each student a copy to put on their desk.
3. Students walk around from desk to desk with their favorite colored crayon or marker and autograph each paper.  Tell the students not to write in the middle rectangle because a picture will go there and their name will be covered if they do (There is ALWAYS someone who does this despite the warning! Grrrr).
4. Collect the papers, glue picture in the middle(or have students glue it), laminate and give back to students as a special keepsake.
That's it!
I have added pages for K-5. Click on the picture to download!

I've had students come back years later and show me they still have these! Enjoy and have a great rest of the school year :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Let's Get Aquainted Linky Party

Today I'm linking up with Latoya over at Flying Through First Grade for a fun linky!

1.  What made you decide to become a teacher?
When I started college I planned on doing something with computers, like graphic design.  It wasn't long until that changed.  I decided to become a teacher the day I went to visit my nephew Alec's special day preschool class.  I fell in love with those kids.  I decided I really wanted to do something to help people.  So, I became a teacher :)

2. What has been your most rewarding experience as a teacher?
The first thing that comes to mind is one of my former students.  Let's call him Johnny.  I attribute all my gray hairs to my time spent with that boy.... Johnny came into to my classroom below where he needed to be and I believe that most of the reason for his low performance was due to his behavior.  I knew he had the potential to succeed if I could just save him from himself.  I tried a lot of different ideas to turn things around for Johnny and it was exhausting.  Here's what ended up working: I gave myself a pep talk every morning before school.  It went something like this - 'Smile.  Johnny can never know how much his behavior makes your blood boil.  Love him.  Don't give up on him.  He has to succeed.  Johnny is on the fast track to gangs and jail if he doesn't succeed.  He HAS to succeed. He can do it, you know he can.  Smile. Go.' This little pep talk, silly as it seems, got me through the year.  I also started a small after school group to give a few students extra support.  While the thought of having Johnny in my classroom an extra hour each day was almost more than my sanity could handle, I knew he needed it.  Slowly Johnny began to change.  He started to care.  He wanted to do well and doing a good job became important to him.  He was no longer consumed with wanting to drive his peers crazy or constantly needing to be the center of attention.  Not that he became perfect, but his bad behavior was about 1/3 of what it once was.  Best of all Johnny soared to the top academically.  He became a great reader and was strong in math.  I asked his second grade teacher how he was doing and she said "Johnny? He's one of the highest kids in my class!"  I knew he had come a LONG way, but hearing from another teacher how great he was doing a year later was awesome.  All that hard work had paid off :)
3. If you were not a teacher, what would you be?
If I wasn't a teacher I would be an archaeologist, museum curator, or baker!  I love history.  I was very close to getting a minor in History, but I just wanted to finish college and be done with it.  Why baker? Because I love the show 'Cake Boss', and would love to do something creative everyday that makes people happy.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Going to Bat for Breast Cancer: Exciting UPDATE!!!

Honorary Bat Girl Kimberly Fugere, her husband Ross, and Dustin Ackley pose for a pregame photo.
MLB player Dustin Ackley , Kimberly and her husband Ross

So, I have some GREAT news to share!  The few weeks ago I did a post about my dear friend Kimberly who is fighting cancer.  Her father entered her into a MLB contest to be an honorary bat girl on Mothers Day.    Kimberly WON!!!! Kimberly was honored on Sunday at the Seattle Mariners game.  She is so deserving of this honor and I am so happy for her.  Thank you so much to everyone who took a moment to give her a vote.  You can click on the picture below to read more about Kimberly's story and watch her throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shopping the Teacher Appreciation Sale

I'm so excited about my purchases from yesterday! I did some clip art shopping and found some great stores to get them from.  I'm always on the lookout for great clip art!  I really had to restrain myself and lots got moved over to my wish list.  I have about 4 projects half way done and so many ideas that I can't wait to get started on.  This new clip art is definitely motivating!!! Here's what I got:
 I love all the different colors.  This set came with flat and 3D!
SO exciting to plan a unit with this clip art!
I know exactly what I'm doing with these.  They were a killer deal too!

How did I not find this store before? SUPER cute graphics!

 Honestly, I don't know what exactly I'm doing with these fab graphics, but the second I saw them I knew I HAD to have them!

I am so happy with all of my purchases!  I haven't bought from ANY of these stores before, but will definitely be shopping with them in the future :) If you'd like to see what other teachers have bought or share your purchases, head over to Blog Hoppin' and link up!

On another note, the other day I came across a great resource for everyone!  It's a new facebook page called Teacher Made Freebies.  Head on over to facebook and like their page for updates on great freebies!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A School Secretary FREEBIE

Do you love your school secretary? I do!  She is the BEST.  A few weeks ago I got an email request from a teacher who's school secretary is having a baby. She asked if I would mind doing a "Our Secretary is Having a Baby" version of my freebie "My Teacher is Having a Baby".  I'm always happy to fulfill requests and luckily she caught me at the perfect time.  I had checked my email first thing in the morning and was able to whip it up and email it to her before my daughter woke up!  So, I thought there must be other people out there who could also use the secretary version and wanted to share it with you. Click on the picture below to get your copy :).

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cat Naps and a SALE!!!

Christine Sedley Photography Click to see more pics!

I am so in love with this happy face!  This is my sweet 3 month old daughter Isla (and for those who are wondering, it's pronounced "eye-luh" :). And she is an EXCELLENT cat napper....ya... It goes something like this: 'Holy cow, she's asleep!  I ever so gently lay her down, then dash through the house like a ninja trying to get things done. But 8 minutes later -  she's awake again.  Then we go through the whole routine again: diaper, eat, play, yada, yada, and she's asleep again! If I'm lucky, she's asleep for 20 minutes.  Thankfully she doesn't sleep like that at night, but I haven't gotten a whole lot done lately(I only do computer stuff when she's sleeping). I have oodles of ideas and Tpt units I can't wait to finish.  I'm getting to write this post because I woke up when my husband left for work and she's still sleeping - fingers are crossed I can finish this before she wakes up for the day! {Update: Nope, it didn't get done. So, I'm finishing up today!}

This week I will be having a Teacher Appreciation Sale in both my stores!  I am having a 20% off sale on everything in my stores, plus you'll get an extra 10% off when you enter the promo codes at checkout.  Don't forget to leave feedback and earn Tpt credits towards your purchases.  Here are a few of my items you may be needing this time of year, click on the pics for more information!

TPT Teacher Appreciation Sale!  Mat 7-8, 2013  Up to 28% off with code TAD13
Click on the pic above to go to my Tpt store.
Click on the pic above to go to my TN store.