Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Team Knows How to Throw a Party!!!

I started this little blog last Spring and had wonderful plans to take it full speed ahead last summer.  My plans changed last Father's Day when my husband and I learned we are expecting our first child this February - a girl! All those units I planned to make and blog posts to write last summer were put on hold due to that unpleasant all day long morning sickness.  I had just began feeling better when I started back to work in August. With the craziness of work and taking care of myself, my blog and Tpt endeavors have gone much more slowly than planned.  I still check my email daily, love reading YOUR blogs, and have an enormous amount of units on my wish list :).  I am also slowly but surely continuing to make more units and hope to have a some completed in the next few weeks.  (They've been about half way done for a month, yikes!)

So back to my title post!  My wonderful first grade team threw me a FABULOUS baby shower just before Christmas break and I had to share it with you.  They went ALL OUT.  I was speechless with how thoughtful and generous they were.  I work with 6 other first grade teachers and they know how to throw a party!!! Check out these pics from the party:
Can you believe this cake?!?!  It was like something from Cake Boss.  It was so pretty I didn't want to eat it,  but I totally did and enjoyed every minute of it! I love chocolate :) 
 These M&Ms were specially made at the M&M factory in Vegas by one of the first grade teachers.  She picked out the colors and graphics especially for the party.  Thanks Jean!

 Our staff lounge never looked so good, well last years Christmas party is a close second (again, organized by one of our first grade teachers!).  I love how they hung the purple and white butcher paper to hide the copy machine.  Look at all those balloons and paper pom poms!  I don't know how well you can see it but they put baby confetti and vases of lavender on the tables.  Notice a theme? They did a lavender theme because that's the color we picked for the nursery.

 Just another look at that cake.  It was amazing - I wish there was more!

 The party begins!  Look at all those fabulous educators :)

 Here I am opening up some gifts.  I LOVE this outfit!  Puppies and Mary Jane socks - how could it be any cuter?

As if the cake wasn't enough, these cupcakes were delicious as well!  They were so pretty!

Not only did they have treats but they also had super yummy food from a local restaurant.  Just thinking about it makes me hungry again...

Thanks again to my wonderful team/friends: Amy, Cris, Debbie, Jean, Jil, and Mike.  I enjoy working with you all and I am so happy to be part of this team!!! P.S. - Charlie thanks you too!


  1. Congrats friend! I saw you pinning all sorts of baby things and connected the dots . . . how exciting!!!! That party looks like it was fabulous. Here's to your next chapter!!

  2. Thanks Kelley! The party was pretty fab, I have a great team :)

  3. We love Luara... and are glad is at home enjoying her family! (although we do miss her at school)

    First Upon A Time