Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Teacher is Having a Baby ~ FREEBIE

A friend told me when you go past your due date and haven't had your baby, it's like this: You wait months and months for Christmas to come, but when it does but you don't get any presents.  She was RIGHT!!!  While I'm sitting at home anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first baby, I put together this little freebie to share with you.  It has fun activities for your class to make predictions about a new addition to your family, and for students to write about how to take care of a baby.  I included versions for families who are adopting (infants and older children).  I hope you can use it or know someone who can.  I can't wait to see what my class has predicted and their advice on how to take care of a baby!


  1. So cute! Hopefully, I can use it one day! :-)

  2. This is adorable! :) Congratulations to you!! :)

    Sugar and Spice