Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Book for Toddlers and a Book for Mommy ~ We Love Books Linky!

Now that I have a toddler, my book interests have shifted gears.    I wanted to share some great books for those that have a toddler in their life.  My daughter who is now 16 months(sniff), is going through a stage where she is OBSESSED with books.  Sounds like every teachers dream right? Ya....that novelty wears off after reading the same book 63 times by noon - EVERY DAY.  Ok, so I actually love that she loves to read and of course I'm trying to foster that love of reading.  But I have been guilty of hiding a few books that I desperately need a break from! (There goes my mom of the year award ;)

Some books my daughter really loves right now are lift-the-flap board books by Karen Katz.  They are super cute and Isla LOVES to lift each flap.  They are pretty sturdy, but I noticed she tore one of the flaps when she was "reading" by herself.  Nothing a little tape can't fix! A great part of these books is the prepositional language - behind, under, in, etc.  Here are the books we have:

This was her first Karen Katz book.  The Easter Bunny gave it to her!

When I realized she loved the Easter book so much I got her this one.  She loves dogs!

I couldn't pass this one up because it was 60% off!  $3? Yes please!  Check it out on Amazon HERE.  How else did I rationalize buying a Halloween book in May?  I said to myself 'Hey, it's front loading vocabulary!' HA!

And now, a book for Mommy!
Photo: It's a 3 day weekend!!!! What book/series are you starting this weekend :-)

Today is the LOOOOOONG awaited release of Diana Gabaldon's latest book in the Outlander series, Written In My Own Heart's Blood.  I am a super fan of the series, and I can't wait to read it!  If you haven't read this series you MUST start from the beginning, trust me.  Go buy yourself a copy of Outlander, the first book in the series HERE.  Then, make sure you have the Starz channels by August because this book series is becoming a TV series!  I am SO excited to see this series come to life! Check it out!! View the series trailer on YouTube HERE.

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