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Welcome!   My name is Laura Boriack and I was born and raised on the beautiful California central coast.  While attending college I worked as a special education aid for a speech/language preschool early education program.  I totally fell in LOVE with teaching little ones!  The speech/language pathologists I worked with always tried to talk me into becoming a speech therapist, but my heart was set on teaching.  After college I got my first teaching job as a first grade teacher.  I taught at that school for 3 years in first grade.  I thought I would never teach another grade because I loved it so much.  Then life (district budget cuts) led me to a new district and to a new grade, kindergarten!  Surprise, I LOVED kinder!!!  Just thinking about those kiddos make me miss kinder so much.  One of the best parts of teaching that year was making new friends with teammates I otherwise would have never met.  Unfortunately that district was over an hour away from my home and the commute was wearing on me.  So when I was offered a position back at my old district the following year, I jumped at the chance.  Back to first grade!  It was like coming home.  Such a great school and I got to work with my old friends again!  I taught first for three more years.  Then, when my daughter was born in 2013 I decided to take a break from teaching and stay home with her.

Love this girl to the moon and back!
So, now I'm on a new teaching adventure - raising a toddler.  And what an awesome adventure it is!  It's amazing to see how her little mind works and how she learns.  I look forward to sharing more early childhood education/tot school/preschool ideas with you! 

Sweet vacations, how I miss you!
 This year my husband and I will celebrate our 11 year wedding anniversary.  We met in high school and I can't imagine life without him!  BFFs!

I love reading (mostly the Outlander series over and over), crafting, baking, mountain biking, swimming, and spending time with my family.  So, that's a little bit about me.  Thanks for stopping by!  

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  1. I'm your newest follower :-) I lived in Paso Robles for a few years when I was little. I LOVED it there!