Sunday, March 25, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Math Graphing FREEBIE

Last week the students in our district saw a Children's Musical Performance of Alice in Wonderland put on by Sol Treasures.  All of the students who participated in the play did an AMAZING job!  It was so fun to watch all the familiar faces and former students on stage. To continue the Alice in Wonderland theme (and fun), I created a math graphing activity with Alice in Wonderland characters.  My students had a great time with the activity.  Click on the link below to go to my Tpt store and download - FREE!

Click this link to download FREE Alice in Wonderland Math Graphing Activity
   Here is a student and classroom sample:

My students' favorite part of the activity was gathering their data.  They sure do love to talk :) - with language frames of course!


  1. This was a fun activity that was high interest to the kids. They loved relating our math topic to something they had seen. They loved interacting with one another and collecting data.

  2. Such activities are so interesting for kids to do. I really liked this idea of making them learn math in a fun way. I would also like to take up this idea for kids picnic party which we have organized in one of the San Francisco venues. I will make sure they have a great time there.