Thursday, October 11, 2012

3 Books for the Halloween Book Linky Party!

I always love a good book, so I was very excited to join this great linky party!  I have a few Halloween book favorites I'd love to share with everyone.
This story is soooo cute!  It's about a witch who runs into a few problems because everything she owns, including her cat - is black.  She tries some witch style problem solving that doesn't go the way she expects, but it does have a happy ending.  I've been reading this book for years to my students and I always look forward to reading it again!

This isn't  really a Halloween book but I read it every October. Good ole lovable Grover doesn't disappoint.  The students think the book is hilarious, especially when you ham it up!  Throughout the book Grover doesn't want you to turn the pages because he's afraid of the monster at the end.  The students get really into it and BEG me to turn the pages - hehehe.  Highly recommended!!!

Another book about monsters :)  This is a book I found about two years ago.  The "perfect" little monster does everything a good monster does - terrible messes, scowling faces, etc.  At the end he does something so horrible he scares his entire monster family - all to the delight of the students.  The ending is what makes this book a must read.  

So if you happen across these books be sure to check them out.  They would be a great addition to your Halloween book collection.  If you'd like to join this linky, or see other books suggested click on the link below to head over to First Grade Found Me and visit the other blogs who have joined this linky.


  1. Thanks for linking up, Laura. I loved, loved, loved that Grover book growing up! It was one of my favorites. I've got to see if it's still at my mom's house somewhere. Thanks for sharing it. It brings back good memories. I'd like to check out your other recommendations as well.
    I'm starting the Thanksgiving picture book link up over the weekend if you'd like to link up to that too.
    First Grade Found Me

  2. I mentioned your R blends unit on my blog. Check it out. My kids had a great time with the read the room activity. Thanks for making it.

    Cialini Chat

  3. Hi Laura - I love picture books! Especially the ones in October. I just posted about our Wild Rumpus for Where the Wild THings Are. Have a great Halloween!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After