Thursday, April 18, 2013

How Do I Love Thee New Printer? Let Me Count the Ways....

I am one of those people who will wait for something to totally kick the can before buying a new one.  Then after I get the "new", I can't believe I waited to so long!!!  I should have gotten a new printer a LONG time ago.  My old printer was an HP print-scan-copier.  I was happy with it for maybe the first year and then it slowly started to make my printing life miserable.  At the end I had to hand feed every sheet of paper, and give it several tries before it actually went through the printer.  It also used an unfathomable amount of ink, pricey ink I might add.  So it was a happy day for me when it just completely stopped working all together.  I asked a friend who is just as obsessed with Tpt what printer she recommended and she steered me towards the Epson WF-3520.  I do A LOT of printing from home because our district doesn't have color printers.  We don't even have our own printer in our classroom, but we do get to share a staff printer - but every time I print I have to cross my fingers it actually makes it to the printer.  It's so sad when I get to the lounge and nothing printed... Anyways, back to my fab NEW printer!  I love it. It has super fast printing(I forgot that it's not normal for 1 page to take 5 minutes to print), wireless printing, I can print from my iPhone, 4 different colored ink cartridges so I only have to replace what is empty, copies, scans, fax, and clear crisp printing!  It was very easy to set up too.

The first true test of this printer was last week when I was making baby shower invitations for my niece Jenna.  I got the font and graphics FREE and the design was Pinterest inspired.  You can find the links on my Pinterest board 'Fonts and Graphics'.  The printer worked like a champ.  I was worried about printing the invites because of their unique size but the printer had no problems.  I am so, so happy with this printer.  If you are itching for a new printer check out the Epson WF-3520, I got mine on Amazon.  


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  2. I think your new printer is excellent, Laura! It really made your “printing” day a happy day because of its accuracy and efficiency, which I think the unique selling proposition of Epson printers. Anyway, your baby shower invitation cards look great!

    Roselia Mangione