Monday, January 19, 2015

M is for Martin

Today I was searching for my snowflake stamp when I found my beloved MLK Jr. stamp!  It HAD to be used today.  So I made this little MLK Jr. themed letter m page for my daughter.  We are all about learning the alphabet these days!  Hearing her say "Martin! /m/-/m/-/m/!" totally melted my heart.  She loved stamping Martins inside of the m.  If you don't have a stamp like this, (because really, how many people have MLK Jr. stamps lying around?)I would use scrap pieces of paper and glue them onto the m.  You could also pick a color to reinforce your color of the week.  You can grab this letter m freebie by clicking HERE.    

Graphics from Creative Clips and A Sketchy Guy.
We also talked about who Dr. King was and read the book Martin's Big Words by Doreen Rappaport.  I love this book because it has a simple message and nice illustrations.  I paraphrased the book for my daughter and she enjoyed it! 

If you are a K-2 teacher you may also like my Martin Luther King Jr. NO PREP Pack.  You can find this in my TpT store by clicking HERE.

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