Friday, January 30, 2015

Ss is for Snowman

This theme was so much fun!  Lots of snowman themed activities and the letter s.  Here's a look at what we did:

Snowman Color Sort
For this snowman color sort activity we used pompoms, a clothes pin, a tea strainer spoon and the snowman color sorting mat (included in the download below).  I gave Isla both a clothes pin and a tea strainer spoon for picking up the pompoms and she mostly used the spoon.  I liked that both options were good for building fine motor skills, and using them made it more fun!  She practiced naming each color and played this for quite a while! 

Dot the Letter Ss
Once again Isla LOVED dotting the letters!  This activity was great for recognizing the letters and practicing saying the letter's sound.  "When you find an s, say it's sound!"   

Stamp the Letter
I looked ALL OVER for my snowflake stamp, and it's still nowhere to be found :(.  Any who, Isla didn't notice or care what the stamp was.  She was just happy to stamp!  

Q-tip Painting the Letter S
For this we used washable Crayola paint.  She loved it!  This was the first time she ever really got to paint.  The idea of painting the letters was abandoned after about 8 seconds, but she had a great time!

Snowman Sensory Play
When I found this idea on Pinterest I thought,  'How PERFECT!  Isla will love it!  It will be so fun!'.  So... you see the picture above?  That's as much that little had ever touched the "snow".  She absolutely refused to give it a go.  I had to really convince her to even do that much, lol!  But if you're interested in giving it a try, you can check out the link and how to HERE.  

Snowman Puzzles

Isla had a fun time putting these puzzles together.  I've included two more (not pictured) in this week's Ss is for Snowman FREEBIE.  You can download all of the freebies you see in the pictures above by clicking HERE.  The fun didn't stop there though, check out our snowman snacks and meals below!

Snowman Snack
I made this snack using banana for the bodies, pretzels for the arms, raisins for the eyes and buttons, and carrots for the noses.  

Snowman Pizza
Just looking at this pizza makes me want another one!  I rolled out a can of crescent rolls and cut out the snowman shape (adding the cut off pieces back into the snowman).  Then I spread tomato sauce all over and sprinkled it with Italian seasoning.  Next I added shredded mozzarella cheese.  I used olives for the eyes, mouth and buttons.  The nose and scarf are orange, yellow and red bell peppers.  Super yummy!

Snowman Pancakes
Our week wouldn't have been complete without these snowman pancakes.  I free handed the snowman shape on the griddle.  The eyes, mouth and buttons are raisins.  The nose is a slice of strawberry.  The snow is banana and the scarf is a slice of bacon.  I made the bacon bend like a scarf while it was fresh out of the oven and pliable.  We topped this off with some organic maple syrup from Trader Joe's.  I don't know about you, but using organic maple syrup somehow made me feel much better about the sugar that's in it! Haha!  I've seen lots of snowman pancakes that use whipped cream and chocolate chips (which sounds delish!), but I wanted to do a version with less sugar.   

I hope these ideas and printables will help you in your home or classroom.  Do you have any snowman activities you like to do with toddlers?  I'd love to hear about it! 


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