Friday, May 24, 2013

End of Year Autograph FREEBIE

Here is a fun and EASY activity and keepsake I wanted to share with you.  A dear teacher friend introduced me to this activity years ago.  The kids love it!  Here's how it goes:
1. Have a 3x5 class photo you've taken during the year printed for each student.  I go to Walmart and it's only a few dollars.
2. Print a class set of this freebie and give each student a copy to put on their desk.
3. Students walk around from desk to desk with their favorite colored crayon or marker and autograph each paper.  Tell the students not to write in the middle rectangle because a picture will go there and their name will be covered if they do (There is ALWAYS someone who does this despite the warning! Grrrr).
4. Collect the papers, glue picture in the middle(or have students glue it), laminate and give back to students as a special keepsake.
That's it!
I have added pages for K-5. Click on the picture to download!

I've had students come back years later and show me they still have these! Enjoy and have a great rest of the school year :)

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